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US Roaster Corp Grinders

Gump Roller Grinders Model 666, 777 and 888 E, F and D Head Styles

US Roaster Corp offers new, rebuilt, refurbished, or as-is 666, 777 and 888 series Gump Roller Grinders. US Roaster Corp can build these grinders into several different configurations and typically have several options in stock.

New models use modern machined parts for better-fit and longer life than the originals. Let us serve you today!

Complete roller grinders with sharpened and exchangeable head,
and repainted start at:

Remanufactured to like new operation includes:


Model A Burr Grinder

8” inch Burrs
Knife Steel Hardened Burrs
Machined Steel Head and 50# Stainless Hopper
Ball Bearing Drive
50# Hopper  (Stainless)
5 hp 220-volt electric motor
20 Amps 220 volts
800 + Pounds per hour
A Fully Machined Grinder that has no low cost castings.


Head Exchange Program

How it works:

US Roaster Corp wants you to understand that most of the heads in the industry have a lot of wear on the rolls. If you enroll in our program, we will be glad to work with you to replace worn heads.

Once you are enrolled in our head exchange program, US Roaster Corp can swap one of our freshly re-sharpened and reconditioned heads with just a phone call. Worn sprockets, bearings becoming marginal, oil seals needing attention and worn rolls can be replaced with fresh and ready-to-use. US Roaster Corp also will paint, test run and ro-tape before shipping.

Just one catch, US Roaster Corp must be the only one to recondition the head or you will need to re-enlist the head.

Why do we charge to have the head enrolled?

Many times we do not, but you need to be prepared for the bad news if your head has a lot of wear. Many grinders currently are in great need of one to three or more rolls. This would make us unable to offer a service to many of our customers at a reasonable price without having to charge for the extra wear.

Once you are in the program, the cost of new rolls are covered by US Roaster Corp as long as we are the only company to recondition the rolls.

Heads that are returned damaged, worn beyond reason (cupped) or that reasonable care (sprockets that have not been oiled) has not been given to will result in an extra charge to cover the extra expense to cover wear beyond normal.

Customers are required to cover the freight both ways on head exchanges with insurance and return shipping crate.

Enroll today and see why customers say that the grinder heads they get from US Roaster Corp are the best they have used with the best service!