5 kilo revelation

5 Kilo Revelation

Frame: Heavy gauge all stainless steel body with a hand crafted cooler, cyclone, and a heavy-duty stainless steel drum. The cooler is designed to efficiently cool the coffee beans without the need for spraying water. Easily remove the cooler without any tools for simple cleaning. The cool running, external cyclone allows chaff to be collected before recirculating the roaster air through a catalyst and back into the heater.

Power and Emissions: This intelligent design saves energy while cleaning the air for low NOx roasting. High quality 208-240 Volt motor are used with no chains or belts to insure a long life and quite operation. The Revelation A does not need an afterburner, allowing the exhaust to be removed at less than 600 degrees!

Clean Air and Fuel Saving. The Revelation Roasters use recirculation through a catalyst, which prevents the heavier non-aromatic compounds, that produce off flavors, from reaching the drum. This design improves the flavor of your coffee while saving you energy and protecting the environment. Air from the cooler is cleaned too!

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